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Infinity Pyramid

Infinity Pyramid

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Introducing our amazing Infinity Pyramid! This extraordinary piece of art creates a never-ending illusion of depth and light, it's USB powered and under 200g (1/2lb) making it fully portable and a striking centrepiece for any environment.

Endless Depth: 


Our Infinity Pyramid uses 5 precisely arranged mirrors and LED lights to create the illusion of infinite depth within its frame. It's a mesmerizing visual experience that draws you in, sparking wonder and fascination.

Customizable Lighting: 

Choose from a variety of customizable LED lighting options to suit your mood and ambiance. Wirelessly select from an array of colours or dynamic lighting effects to create the perfect atmosphere.

Wirelessly customise lighting:

Enhance your experience with the Infinity Pyramid through seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. Connect to the Wi-Fi controller on your smart device and choose from a wide variety of pre-set and customisable lighting options.


Built to last, our Infinity Pyramid features high-quality materials, hand made to ensure longevity and Infinity!

Home Décor:  

Elevate your living space with a touch of contemporary art. Whether displayed as a lounge room centrepiece or as a lighting spectacle in your gaming room! The Infinity Pyramid adds a touch of light and style to your surroundings wherever it goes.

Unique Gift: 

Give the gift of wonder and intrigue to friends and loved ones. The Infinity Pyramid is a thoughtful and unforgettable present for special occasions and celebrations. From Christmas presents for the family to a work gift for the boss, this dazzling spectacle has you covered!

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Endless Customisation

Enjoy full control over your infinity Pyramid's lighting with your Smart Device! Choose from hundreds of pre-set lighting effect or customise your own to best suit you!

Smart Home Control

Unlock all the features by pairing your Infinity Pyramid to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home! This integration allows you to use voice control, set custom routines and customise lighting wherever you are!

Captivation Ornament

Watch as this stunning centrepiece draws the gaze and captivates the imagination. With its mesmerizing symmetrical design and enchanting play of light, this Pyramid effortlessly becomes the focal point of any room.