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DIY KIT! - Infinity Pyramid

DIY KIT! - Infinity Pyramid

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Introducing our Infinity Pyramid 3D Print Kit! This DIY Infinity Pyramid kit contains all the 3D files and components you need to make your own dazzling Infinity Pyramid!

Educational and Fun:

Dive into the fascinating world of optics, light, and visual illusions as you print assemble your Infinity Pyramid. This project provides a valuable opportunity for learning while enjoying the process, making it suitable for students, hobbyists, and curious minds of all ages. 

3D Printable:

You simply print the frame for the Infinity Pyramid on your 3D printer from the included design, then add our components from the kit to bring your creation to life, this means you can take your pick of filament brands, colours, types and more!

 Customizable Lighting:

Tailor the lighting of your Infinity Mirror to suit your mood and ambiance. Experiment with various LED colours and effects to create a unique visual masterpiece that reflects your personal style. The Wi-fi and sound enabled controller allows a plethora of predesigned light shows at the click of a button, from rainbows to lightning storms, bump along with the music or have an ambient soft light for your bedside, the pyramid can do it all!

Comprehensive Assembly Guide:

Our user-friendly assembly guide offers step-by-step instructions along with a follow along tutorial, making the construction process accessible and enjoyable. No prior experience in optics or electronics is necessary.

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Endless Customisation

Enjoy full control over your infinity Pyramid's lighting with your Smart Device! Choose from hundreds of pre-set lighting effect or customise your own to best suit you!

Smart Home Control

Unlock all the features by pairing your Infinity Pyramid to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home! This integration allows you to use voice control, set custom routines and customise lighting wherever you are!

Captivation Ornament

Watch as this stunning centrepiece draws the gaze and captivates the imagination. With its mesmerizing symmetrical design and enchanting play of light, this Pyramid effortlessly becomes the focal point of any room.